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AR cover AR2016It has been said that a strong army can conquer a kingdom but that the strongest army in the world cannot stop an idea whose time has come. Cooperativism has indeed come of age to effect paradigm shift "sa tunay na diwa ng pagbabago" for inclusive growth, equity, social justice, peace and sustainability.

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AR cover AR2015For several years, the Philippine Cooperatives were known as institutions that provide credit and grant loans to members for providential and productive purposes. The cooperatives are sometimes viewed as panacea that will extricate the public from the clutches of endemic loan sharks.  One hundred years of experience has opened up our perspective that the cooperatives have more to offer to make lives of the fellow Filipinos better by treating cooperatives not only as conduit of loanable funds/capital for members but also as institutions doing other business ventures.

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AR cover AR2014When my term of office as the Chairperson of the Cooperative Development Authority ended in the middle of this year, hardly did I notice the passing of time. It flied so fast.  With over three years of my short stint at the helm of this institution, I was overwhelmed by the magnitude of challenges which was beyond my expectations.  Those challenges and travails buoyed us in our collective journey to nurture cooperatives as important and emerging sector in our socio-economic milieu.

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